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Laser Hair Reduction

Hair Reduction with CoolGlide 1064 nm ND:YAG

How does it work?

We use a sophisticated light energy source for permanent hair reduction. The light is absorbed by the pigment in your hair, which effectively disables the hair follicle.

The CoolGlide can remove hair from the face or body.

How is CoolGlide different from other treatments?

CoolGlide technology is considered the Gold Standard in the laser industry because of its long history of safety and effectiveness on all skin types. We can treat not only coarse hair but fine hair as well. It is permanent hair reduction, safe and effective.

What does it feel like?

Patients will feel a series of short snaps, somewhat like a rubber band snapping, but no local anesthesia or pain medication is necessary.

Can anyone have it done?

No laser or light system can treat blonde, white, red or gray hair since there is no melanin in it to absorb the light. However, with our CoolGlide system people with any other color hair, or skin type—even tanned skin—can receive treatment.

Laser Genesis for Skin Rejuvenation

What does it do?

Laser Genesis does something completely unique in the skin rejuvenation area. It is proven to not only minimize fine lines but also reduces large pores, uneven, crepe paper type or pebbled skin texture, and overall redness and flushing.

How does it work?

Laser Genesis heats the skin below the surface. This heat stimulates the body’s own natural healing response and the texture of your skin literally becomes smoother. Depending on what you are having treated, pores get smaller, lines are decreased as your underlying collagen is refreshed and the color of your skin will even out.

What does it feel like?

Laser Genesis is uncomfortable, it is sometimes called the warm facial. You will feel a warming sensation on your skin as the handpiece is slowly moved back and forth about a half inch above the skin.

What can I expect afterwards?

You can return to normal activities immediately. You may be flushed from the heat but that will disappear within a few hours of treatment. Individual results are often subtle but the overall effect over time with multiple treatments can be quite dramatic.

Limelight Facial for Skin Rejuvenation

What does it do?

The Limelight Facial is very effective for improving uneven skin tone. It can treat individual pigment changes like brown age spots; it can also treat widespread blotchiness, freckles, skin redness and individual fine veins.

How does it work?

The Limelight Facial uses light to heat the pigment and blood in the top layer of your skin to reduice discoloration and promote a more even skin tone.

What does it feel like?

You will feel a series of brief pinches, similar to a rubber band snapping, but no local anesthesia or pain medication is necessary.

What can I expect afterwards?

If you have specific spots treated, they will darken immediately and begin to flake off naturally within one to three weeks to reveal clearer skin. If you have general redness or fine lines treated, the blush will gradually lighten over three to five treatments.

Over time new spots may appear as a result of new sun exposure and ongoing aging process. These too can be treated and removed.

Anyone with a light or medium skin color may be a candidate for the Limelight Facial but those with darker skin tones may not. We will assess your particular skin type and let you know if you are a candidate at the time of your consultation.

Vascular Treatments with CoolGlide Laser

What can CoolGlide Laser do for veins?

We can treat the tiny red veins on the face called telangiectasia, the red or purple spider veins on the face or body, or mid-size blue leg spider veins. Our laser delicately heats these vessels to eliminate them.

What does it feel like?

The patient may experience a mild to moderate stinging sensation as the pulse of light is delivered to the skin. A cooling mechanism is built into the handpiece to minimize discomfort and protect the skin’s surface. No local anesthesia or pain medication is necessary, but some may opt to apply a topical anesthetic or ice.

What can I expect afterwards?

Small vessels usually disappear immediately. Large vessels, especially those on the legs, often look worse before they look better but will clear up over a matter of weeks or months. Wearing sunscreen regularly will help.

Can anyone have vascular treatment performed?

The best candidates for the CoolGlide treatments are those with tiny to mid-size veins on their face or body. This treatment is not used to treat raised varicose veins. You will be evaluated at your consultation time to assess your veins to determine if you are a good candidate.



Botox is the most common injectable for treatment of wrinkles, lines, and the aging face. Botox is a sterilized, purified, naturally occurring protein which has the ability to very precisely relax the muscle to which it is injected. This relaxation lasts for 3–4 months, and then the treated muscles gradually return to their original condition.

Dermal Filler

Juvederm® ultra is a filler that is ideal for correcting skin texture imperfections like wrinkles, furrows, contour depressions and fine lines. It is immediate and lasts for several months.


Latisse is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker. Eyelash hypotrichosis is another name for inadequate or not enough eyelashes.

According to studies, Latisse lengthens, thickens and darkens eyelashes via a process that is not fully understood. Like the hair on your head, eyelashes sprout, grow for a while and eventually fall out. Latisse both extends the growth phase and increases the number of hairs that sprout.

You apply Latisse by dabbing it on the upper lash line each night with sterile applicators that are supplied. The drug spreads to your lower lash automatically as you blink. According to the manufacturer, you should never apply it in your eye or eye lid. Before you apply, your face must be clean and your make up and contact lenses removed.