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da Vinci Surgery

When considering surgery, knowing your options is vital. The physicians at LWH have helped thousands of women determine the optimal treatment option for various gynecologic surgical problems including excessive bleeding, pain, endometriosis, fibroids, incontinence and prolapse. Often, the solution does not require an operation. When nonsurgical options cannot achieve relief of bothersome symptoms, surgery may be necessary. www.hystersisters.com is a wonderful support website you may want to visit when considering your options.

Traditional surgery can require large abdominal incisions and a long, painful recovery. Women who have large abdominal incisions routinely stay in the hospital for 2-3 days and have a slow return to normal activities. Currently over 60% of hysterectomies in the United States are done through a large incision. Women are often told by their physician that they are not a candidate for laparoscopic or robotic surgery because they have had prior surgeries such as cesarean section, they are too heavy or their uterus is just too large for minimally invasive surgery. If you or someone you love is facing gynecologic surgery and is not offered a minimally invasive approach, please seek out a second opinion from a physician that has expertise in this area. While not every woman is a candidate, the exceptions are truly few and far between. Our open abdominal hysterectomy rate at LWH is less than 5%. We are passionate about offering women the most up to date surgical care available.

The providers at LWH are committed to providing women with information regarding all treatment options, surgical and nonsurgical, that may be appropriate to treat their symptoms. If you make the difficult decision to undergo gynecologic surgery, then da Vinci robotic surgery may be for you. Through tiny 8mm incisions, the da Vinci system gives your doctor the precision and control to complete your operation with minimal blood loss, pain and recovery time. da Vinci gynecology procedures are much less invasive. Most hysterectomies are done as outpatient surgery. Complex pelvic reconstruction surgery patients are usually home the next day following surgery. Since the inception of robotic surgery at LWH, hundreds of women have benefitted from shorter hospital stays, less pain and returned to an active lifestyle quickly.