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Laser Genesis Special!
What does Laser Genesis do? Laser Genesis does something completely unique in the skin rejuvenation area. It is proven to not only minimize fine lines but also reduces large pores, uneven, crepe paper type or pebbled skin texture, and overall redness and flushing. How does it work? Laser Genesis heats the skin below the surface. This heat stimulates the body’s own natural healing response and the texture of your skin literally becomes smoother. Depending on what you are having treated, pores get smaller, lines are decreased as your underlying collagen is refreshed and the color of your skin will even out. What does it feel like? Laser Genesis is uncomfortable; it is sometimes called the warm facial. You will feel a warming sensation on your skin as the hand piece is slowly moved back and forth about a half inch above the skin. What can I expect afterwards? You can return to normal activities immediately. You may be flushed from the heat but that will disappear within a few hours of treatment. Individual results are often subtle but the overall effect over time with multiple treatments can be quite dramatic.
Originally Published on Wednesday, November 6, 2013