Lexington Women's Health

Scheduled Inductions of Labor

Inductions are scheduled on weekdays for medical indications. Your Ob provider will work with you to determine if an induction is right for you. Please confirm your designated time with the office staff. Inductions are occasionally postponed due to a large number of patients in active labor. This is necessary to allow the appropriate nursing coverage in labor and delivery. If you are driving from a distance, please call labor and delivery to check on availability prior to your departure. Arriving and waiting in the waiting room for hours is very uncomfortable and unnecessary. The charge nurse will actively work with you to make your room available ASAP.

If you are being induced in the morning, it is unusual for you to deliver prior to lunch. It is often best for extended family to wait in the comfort of their home until closer to delivery. This will be less stressful on you and your partner. A light breakfast is recommended as your digestive system is not as efficient during labor. Limit breakfast to toast and clear juice.

Please be sure to let your Ob provider know of any questions that you have in the office prior to your induction. If you know when your labor will be induced, it is helpful to fill out the necessary patient forms before your induction date and bring them with you on your induction date.