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Your First Visit

For your 1st obstetric visit at Lexington Women's Health our focus is on understanding the personal issues that may impact your pregnancy. Our obstetricians and midwives will review your medical and obstetric history; perform a gynecological exam and Pap smear as well as your first sonogram to confirm your due date. Due to the early gestation your first sonogram will be performed transvaginally. You will receive educational materials and be introduced to various community resources to learn about prenatal care. We will establish a final due date and lay down the groundwork for a healthy pregnancy. After your visit you will be scheduled for a follow up visit and go to the lab for your prenatal panel. Also, please bring with you any medications that you have taken since conception. If you have not already begun taking prenatal vitamins you will be started on them. Please note that gummy vitamins do not contain iron and are not a substitute for prenatal vitamins.